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About SI Wedding Videography

We specialize in music video wedding films which means we really focus on making you an amazing "music video-like" production that you'll actually want to watch for years after your wedding day. Pictures can capture a pose but video captures the whole day experience. We have the lowest prices in the area and deliver a professionally edited highlights video of your wedding along with 1-2 hours of raw footage of the big day. The videos are compiled on personalized DVD and Blu-Ray disks with a turnaround time typically 3 - 4 weeks. We cover the Southern Illinois area and Southeast Missouri.




What you should know

about the music

Music licensing is very difficult for most popular songs. These artists tend to target major movie or commercial companies to license their songs. They charge them anywhere between $10,000 - $75,000 per song to license. For this reason, music publishing companies do not want to mess with smaller companies when they can go after the big ones. We use a few sites to license music such as songfreedom, musicbed and soundstripe. There are a few popular songs on these sites that we can choose from. Our wedding videos are not intended to be a Dierks Bentley or Jason Mraz music video. We will choose music that matches the tone of the wedding day which may include ambient type music or country if you had a country themed wedding.




Drone Coverage

We take to the skies and capture the moment from views that just a year ago wouldn't be possible without a helicopter. With the new FAA part 107 testing now, filming with drones for commercial use is now legal provided the operator has a Remote Pilot Certificate. At SI Wedding Videography, we are proud to say we're licensed and compliant with all FAA rules and regulations.




Video delivery methods

Every package comes with 4 sets of DVD and Bluray disks. We also offer a 1000 year lifespan M-Disk DVD. Our media types consist of DVD, BluRay, USB stick and streaming.

DVD bluray
usb streaming

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Packages and Pricing

All Packages typically have a 3-4 week turn around for delivery. All of the packages come with 4 sets of personalized DVD and BluRay disks and optional USB stick.

#1 - $650

Ceremony Package

Filming of the ceremony only. Using multiple camera views and high quality audio. Full ceremony coverage contains footage from the start of the music to walking out.

  • Up to 3 hours of ceremony coverage
  • One full length video of all events during the ceremony
  • Decorations of the ceremony area
  • Some Drone footage included (Weather permitting)
  • DVD & BluRay disk copies. Optional USB stick


#2 - $650

Reception Package

Filming of the reception only. Using different camera views and High quality audio. Full reception coverage through the night.

  • Up to 4 hours of reception coverage
  • One full length video of all events during the reception
  • Decorations of the reception area
  • Coverage of entrance, cake cutting, special dances, bouquet/garter toss
  • Some Drone footage included (Weather permitting)
  • DVD & BluRay disk copies. Optional USB stick


#3 - $1,300

Ceremony/Reception Package

Ceremony and reception coverage. This package is package #1 and #2 combined. No music other than what was played in the wedding and reception. This package includes one full length video of your ceremony and reception including all events that happened during that time.

  • Package contains both package #1 and #2
  • One full length video of all events that happened during the ceremony and reception
  • DVD & BluRay disk copies. Optional USB stick


#4 - $1,800

Most popular - Complete Coverage Package - With Highlights Video

Additional to Ceremony and Reception. A complete highlights video of the wedding day including scenic shots and the decorations. Coverage of the wedding party getting ready, decor, first look if there is one, ceremony, dinner, reception, dancing. Video length 7-10 min. Included with this package is 1-2 hours of RAW footage throughout the day all on 4 sets of Personalized DVD and BluRay Disks.

  • Up to 12 hours of all day event coverage
  • Most of the decorations included in the video throughout
  • Coverage of the girls getting hair done and makeup
  • Coverage of the venue area
  • Drone footage of the ceremony and reception (Weather permitting)
  • Coverage of the guys getting ready
  • Coverage of the bride getting fitted in dress
  • A 7 - 10 minute highlights video with music, special effects that tells the story of the day
  • A 1.5 - 2 hour uncut video of all the coverage of the day
  • DVD & BluRay disk copies. Optional USB stick
  • Online streaming of your Highlights video for social media


How to book with us

1. Message us via facebook, email or phone to check to see if your date is available.

2. Decide what package you want to go with.

3. Download and fill out our contract form and mark what options you want.

Form can be downloaded here

Contract Form


4. Sign and mail the form with the required security deposit to Kevin Mayberry 1520 Jamestown Rd. Cobden Illinois 62920. Check payable to Kevin Mayberry

For $650 packages, a $300 security deposit is required

For $1,300 and up packages, a $600 security deposit is required

The remaining balance is due 30 days before the wedding day.

5. Once the form and payment are received, we will contact you with your confirmation.

Contact us

Feel free to visit our facebook page where you can message us about availability or any other questions you might have. You can also fill out and click send on the form below. You can also use our site chat to the bottom right of the screen to chat with us!